theotherholly said: Nice! What'd you think about Mega Man? I personally am not a fan because he has his cannon where everyone else has punches/kicks. Which I know is the point but...nyeeeh.

I think it’s fine; I mean, I probably don’t know what I’m talking about, since, again, I only deeply played the original Smash, and apparently there’s this whole competitive side to Smash that I didn’t know about? Haha. So, yeah, MM’s just kind of alright, I suppose. Maybe I’ll actually try him in the demo (I’ve mostly been using Link and Pikachu, the latter of whom I’m finally getting used to).

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theotherholly said: oh, nice! I'm not a huge LoZ fan but Link is a pretty solid fighter in SSB. Have you gotten to try the demo yet?

Yeah, and it’s awesome! I just wish they’d let us fool around with one or two other stages; I know it’s just a demo, but Battleground gets tiresome after a while (especially since I’ve been playing the demo so much it’s detracted from my time playing Pokemon Y).

theotherholly said: Ooh Code Red is some good stuff. It's probably the best variation of Mountain Dew out there. I just noticed your Spongebob/Smash Bros post and am wondering what character you're looking forward to main in Smash 4?

Probs Link, because I’ve only extensively played the original Smash (though I’ve played some of Brawl, when I was over at a friend’s house from time to time), and he was usually my go-to character.

theotherholly said: Wait, so what is your favorite soda?

I dunno, I’ve always been pretty partial to Mt. Dew Code Red, for some reason, so, that?



Where you pick your seat (at the first day of school) is very telling of your personality as a human being. x

It’s so accurate it’s scary

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theotherholly said: yeah man! and it tastes almost exactly like the soda! :D

Well, considering I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Pepper to begin with, I’ll probably have to pass on whatever brand of gum has a flavor dedicated to that soda, but at least I learned it exist.

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theotherholly said: also did you know that there is such a thing as DR. PEPPER FLAVORED BUBBLE GUM


robbenaire said: Since you got a lot of fandoms and an epic-cool poster hanging on your wall but I (barely) hear you speak about it, I was wondering: what are your thoughts on the Walking Dead (series, comics, game etc)?

I don’t really have any thoughts, since I don’t watch it; I’m aware of it, and I’ve heard mostly good things, but I’ve seen maybe one whole episode; I don’t remember which it was, but I remember liking it, although I probably would’ve liked it more had I watched from the beginning and had context and whatnot.

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theotherholly said: Morning Daniel! I hope your day is fantastic. :D

Thank you!! Same to you. ^.^

Anonymous said: SoYeahImLaura has a video called "Abuse on YouTube".

Got it! Thanks. :)

Anonymous said: where are you adding all these videos?

To this here masterpost! It originally started as a list of videos calling out Sam Pepper (since an anon had asked if such a masterpost existed of videos calling him out), but since the VeeOneEye situation was brought to light, and since more and more YouTubers are discussing the general issue of abuse on YouTube, I decided to make it a list of videos by YouTubers on any of these three topics — specifically the actions of Sam Pepper or VeeOneEye, or abuse on YouTube in general.

nyedav said: I didn't notice the ask thingy ;__; some of my followers told me to check out your videos because they know I'm a pokemon fan and also you are and I basically subscribed :)

It’s ok, don’t worry! Shit happens. :P And wow, thanks! Glad we have similar taste in at least one fandom. ^.^

Anonymous said: Daisy has a video called "Sex Abuse on YouTube"

Thanks, added! :)

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