HIM FREE!!The Great Pikachu Outbreak starting August 9th to August 17th

This is to be the next biggest holiday. 

What a time to be alive.

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i literally am my url

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emantrobus said: Sup. how's the coffee place?

It’s pretty chill. One of the baristas occasionally plays nice music on his acoustic guitar. It makes a good ambiance. ^.^

Also chocolate chai tea is great.

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Velma von Tussle reaction gifs (part 2)

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imquirkyandiknowit said: What type of Pokemon do you like? I am a fan of Fire and Fighting.

Dark, Dragon, Ghost, and Psychic! :3




please reblog if you enjoyed it and leave a comment telling me what you think other hair colours mean!

This video speaks to me on a spiritual level.

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the-pokemon-kingdom said: Are you into kingdom hearts? Have you ever tried playing it? I Love your videos by the way :)

Kingdom Hearts is a game I’ve wanted to try for SO FUCKING LONG, but I never have. It’s sad to think I haven’t, because it combines two of my favorite things — Final Fantasy and Disney. I REALLY need to get around to this at some point.

And thanks! Glad you like my videos. ^.^

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Anonymous said: Do you like pugs?

I don’t NOT like pugs.

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Anonymous said: What are your top 5 fandoms?

1. Pokemon

2. Avatar: The Last Airbender

3. Teen Titans

4. Batman

5. (TIE) Regular Show/Adventure Time

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doesntdowood said: Why 'in so many words'? I'm new here, what does it mean?

Because the things that I do and talk about (primarily on YouTube) mostly pertain to me, my fandoms, what I believe in, and just generally things about myself, so it really is all about Daniel…in so many words.

Life Update, Part Deux

(This is going to be a long-ish text post updating you on my life and how it relates to my YouTube absence. If you’re not interested in that, keep on scrollin’. However, if you want to read such a thing, stick around after the jump.)

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You are good at something, stop lying to yourself. You’re good at breaking down comic book plots, cooking ramen perfectly, making your friends happy, knowing the time without looking at a clock, getting the perfect ending at RPG’s, or figuring out the twist ending to movies. Don’t let society tell you your talents are meaningless because they don’t serve an economical purpose. Your talents reflect your interests and passions, and what’s important to you is important.

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the legendary birds // the winged mirages

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